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Foods for Life RX is the perfect solution for my daily routine! The protein muffins are not only delicious but provide a healthy, fast and nutritious breakfast. The variety of meals provided weekly offer many convenient options for both lunch and dinner. My husband always steals my meals. I highly recommend Foods for Life RX!

- Ann and Vinko
Date of Posting: 14 September 2015
Posted By: Ann Dobrosevic
Foods for life rx helps me stay on track . Foods for Life rx offers a variety of great tasting meals that always satisfy my appetite and still keep me lean and fit. I would highly recommend them to anybody trying to loose weight or anybody who has a busy lifestyle, and doesn't have the time to cook and prepare meals themselves. I lost 15 pounds in the first three months that I started eating the meal plans and have kept it off.
Date of Posting: 11 September 2015
Posted By: lldiko toth
I'm so glad that FoodsForLifeRX was able to take care of all my meals, very well balanced, prepared according to my daily training and prep for my shows. The food not only taste delicious but are prepare with all fresh ingredients by highly knowledgeable chefs. All weekly meals delivered by my door making my athletic life much easier. FoodsForLifeRX really goes beyond to keep all their clients satisfied and prepared for the competitions or your normal routine. I highly recommended not only to who work out but to every lifestyle out there. Our body is our temple and we must and and consume the right nutrition for a long run quality of life.
Date of Posting: 11 September 2015
Posted By: Ana Paula
Growing up diagnose with sickle cell, it was always hard for me to put on weight. Now as an aspired bodybuilder being in the gym training two to three hours a day,trying to put on size I still couldn't achieve my goal until I started getting my meals from foodsforliferx life saver. There foods are delicious, healthy and also helped me tremendously with the nutrients that my body needs to keep me from getting sickle crisis As often that I use to.
Date of Posting: 23 August 2015
Posted By: Lounel
Foods for Life Rx is the perfect fit for me! As a busy mom, the delicious meals are convenient, healthy and balanced. Foods for Life Rx keeps me on track and helps me put on the lean muscle that is required to compete. Foods for Life Rx makes dieting EASY and the results have been amazing!!
Date of Posting: 18 July 2015
Posted By: Melissa

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